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A1 Joinery Ltd doors are manufactured by hand to suit the customer's needs.

Timber is a natural material that will last indefinitely when maintained properly. It is the best wood to use when manufacturing doors. There are two types of timber you can choose from: Softwood and Hardwood:


- requires preservative treatment before it is used.

- has the advantage of containing natural tannin and other preservative, which make the timber naturally long lasting and water resistant.

- doors which are painted every five to seven years will be well maintained.


Solid Oak Door
This Solid Oak door was manufactured in our workshop. The door was then fitted by out site joiner during the barn renovations.  ..
Gothic Style Arch Frame and Door
This is a hardwood gothic style arch frame and door manufactured and fitted by A1 Joinery Ltd. ..
Hardwood Double Doors
This hardwood double door was manufactured by A1 Joinery Ltd. ..
Solid Oak Door
These solid oak doors had been specifically designed for an annex on a church. The mouldings and panels had to match the original doors. ..
Solid Oak Arch Top Feature Door
Looking from the inside this door is panelled, however, to look from the outside it is T&G boarded. ..
Hardwood Door with Diagonal Glazing Beads
Hardwood Internal Door
This internal hardwood door was manufactured to the customer's specifications. ..
Hardwood External Door
This is a purpose made hardwood door manufactured to the customer's requirements. ..
Softwood Internal Door
This is a purpose-made internal softwood door manufactured to the customer's requirements. ..
Hardwood External Door
This is a purpose-made external hardwood door and has been manufactured to meet the customer's requirements. ..
Hardwood Semi-circle Top Doors
These hardwood semi-circle top doors were manufactured in our workshop with hardwood raised and fielded panels to the bottom and georgian glazing bars to the top. ..
Disappearing Double Doors
Our highly skilled craftsmen manufactured these disappearing double doors in our workshop, and our qualified joiners installed them. If you would like to see what we can do for you please contact our office for a free local site survey and quotation. ..