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A1 Joinery Ltd manufacture individually designed staircases to suit the customer's needs.  All are staircases are handmade using all types of materials from standard white wood to exclusive hardwood (Oak, Ash, Cherry, Walnut etc).  One of our qualified Computer Aided Design Technicians can help you design your staircase.

Cut and Bracketed Outer String is the ideal design for the home that desires a main feature staircase.

Closed Riser Flight looks perfect in all properties from the modern starter home to the more traditional house.

Open Riser Flights are most popular in 'open plan' situations.

Oak Staircase & Glass
Bespoke Oak Staircase with Glass.  ..
Oak Staircase & Glass
To see more pictures of this bespoke Oak staircase please click on the image.  ..
Chrome, Oak & Glass Staircase
A1 Joinery Ltd designed, manufactured and fitted this solid oak staircase with chrome and glass features to add a touch of sophistication to the office environment it was intended for.      ..
Double Bullnose Oak Staircase
This staircase has two bullnose oak bottom steps to be left bare, the rest of the staircase is to be fitted with carpet. This staircase was designed within the current building regulations and manufactured by A1 Joinery Ltd as a main feature staircase. ..
Single Bullnose Staircase
A1 Joinery Ltd designed and manufactured this single bullnose staircase. ..
Feature Staircase
This feature staircase was designed and manufactured by A1 Joinery Ltd. ..
Single Winding Staircase
This single winding staircase has been manufactured using Piranha Pine. ..
Single Bullnose Staircase
This is a cut & bracketed outer string staircase with a hardwood single bullnose. ..
Double Bullnose Staircase
Spiral Staircase
A1 Joinery Ltd designed and manufactured this spiral staircase. ..
Double Winding Staircase
This is a purpose-made double winding staircase. ..
Single Winding Staircase
This single winding staircase has been purpose-made by A1 Joinery Ltd to meet the customer's requirements and to comply with the current building regulations. ..
These are purpose made steps which have been manufactured to meet a customer's requirements. ..
Bespoke Solid Oak Staircase
This staircase was custom-designed so that there are no sides visible as the plaster finishes against the solid oak treads and risers. ..